Works by Pamela Alderman

ArtPrize: The World's Largest Open Art Competition

Pamela has been involved with ArtPrize since its debut in 2009. During this annual 19 day art competition, the entire Grand Rapids downtown becomes an art venue while public-based voting decides the winner. This unique event involves local and international artists, art, and the active participation of the community.

The Scarlet Cord installation at ArtPrize 2014

Pamela's ArtPrize 2014 installation, The Scarlet Cord

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The Scarlet Cord

Healing for Sex Trafficked Children

30 weathered doors were used to create The Scarlet Cord installationThe Scarlet Cord took a solid year to plan and create, but it was the intention of the artist to bring this to the public for years before it materialized so trafficking survivors can experience hope and healing through art. The public response was to vote The Scarlet Cord a Top 25 Installation and the hope and healing have continued at schools, Phoenix, Women's Expo, and beyond.

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Courage Ablaze

The Women and Children of Congo

Courage Ablaze exhibit including seven foot pillarsToni's smile and quiet strength drew me to her. Although her native language was French, a few simple words bridged our lives, and the distance between a Congolese refugee and an American artist narrowed. Before meeting Toni, I knew nothing of Congo except that it was a country located somewhere in Africa. Five minutes passed before I found this country on the world map hanging in my garage.

My life collided with these Congolese women at an event where their native dresses that were trimmed in cowry shells captivated my artistic eye. I didn't realize then that these new friendships would lead me on a path into the heart of Africa: a place unsafe to be a woman; ultimately it lead to the Courage Ablaze exhibit.

Find out more about Courage Ablaze which is more ablaze today than it was at ArtPrize 2012.

Healing in Arts

ArtPrize 2011 visitors hanging Hope Cards on Healing Tree“Your art speaks of healing,” were the words Makoto Fujimura spoke to Pamela several years ago and they have defined her artwork ever since. Each installation, each exhibit, each piece, is still speaking of hope and healing. Responses from people experiencing Pamela's interactive healing installations have added testimony to the healing power of art.

Just the act of writing the message and hanging it on the tree made me feel like I was part of the healing process.

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Exhibitions and Collections

In addition to the “healing” in her art highlighted above, many of Pamela's works are part of the permanent collections on hospital walls and in other organizations. Her portfolio of Exhibitions and Collections includes a list of Selected Permanent Collections.

Pamela's Original and Commissioned Works

Pamela's original works are available for sale and commissioned works can be created. Availability and selection is subject to constant change. General guidelines are published on our Original/Commissioned Works page. Please contact the artist to inquire.