School, Community, and Awareness Programs

Available Through Healing in Arts

Healing in Arts, Pamela's nonprofit work, offers hands-on workshops for schools and communities. These programs foster healing discussions around various life issues, such as “letting go,” loneliness, bullying, and sex trafficking. For example, Broken Wings encourages kids to solve their own social problems and to diffuse negativity through the Butterfly Effect of Kindness. The Scarlet Cord, an interactive exhibit with optional programming, emphasizes public awareness and healing for the survivors of sex trafficking and rape. These art projects inspire individuals to show creative empathy and become part of the solution.

Would you like to help create an environment or experience where students or communities can learn and thrive? Contact Pamela.

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Art Mysteries Team Building School Workshop Programs

Art Mysteries

Team Building

Open Hands Global Citizenship School Workshop Programs

Open Hands

Global Citizenship

Let Love Grow Communal Project School Workshop

Let Love Grow

Planet Care

Broken Wings School Violence Workshop Programs

Broken Wings

Peer Advocacy

Broken Wings At-Risk Teens Community Programs

Broken Wings Projects

At-Risk Teens

Night Watch Survivor Support Programs

Night Watch

Survivor Support

Let Go Community Wellness Programs

Let Go

Community Wellness

Awakening Conflict Resolution Community Programs


Healing Spaces

The Scarlet Cord Sex Trafficking Awareness Programs

The Scarlet Cord

Sex Trafficking Awareness