Senior Care Art

Pamela Alderman designs extraordinary, gallery-quality projects for seniors living with changing abilities. Under Pamela's guidance, residents and community members can participate in daily workshops over a one-week period. Each fun workshop is designed for appropriate levels of difficulty across all levels of care. By working together, participants experience meaningful multigenerational connections and a sense of hope.

Senior care projects are agents of resilience and healing. One grandmother shared her personal story. “After my cancer treatment,” she said, “I couldn't write at all for several months. But I was able to write on this butterfly!” Her emotional and physical well-being increased as she experienced renewed hope through the art-making process.

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Read the inspirational story behind Senior Care Projects

These butterfly projects enhance a caring, supportive, and compassionate community.

Assisted and independent living residents explore color and design while painting Plexiglass tiles.

A special team assembles to help glue the pieces to form a colorful butterfly.

The elegant gallery pieces created by the residents and staff can be showcased on campus to share with family and friends.

Reminiscent of a quilting bee, staff and family members gather to help residents with dementia sponge paint.

This work celebrates each unique participant as valuable and necessary to a thriving community.

While creating our intergenerational art projects, we experienced the power of engagement within a loving community. Such connections can help heal our deepest wounds.